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Cindy Jeng Yoga
and Wellness

About Cindy

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Cindy found her way into yoga as a way to improve her health in 2008. She fell in love with yoga and has been a devoted practitioner ever since.  She believes that yoga is for everybody, regardless of race, age, gender, fitness level, or body type. Yoga is a way of living and it can start wherever we are and in whatever situation we are in life.  In this fast-changing technology-driven world, people move forward hastily which results in disconnecting with themselves. Through mindful practice, we are able to take care of ourselves in different layers- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Cindy has completed her 3-year yoga therapy through YogaLife Institute in Wayne, PA. She is an IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) Certified Yoga Therapist, a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.  She holds a Master of Arts degree in Marketing Communication and Advertising and is an E-RYT500, YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider), and Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master. 

She speaks English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese fluently.  She offers yoga education for yoga teachers and the public, such as "Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Management",  "Grow and Glow" Yoga for Pregnancy, "Yoga Therapy for Better Sleep" and "Yoga Therapy for Diabetes Management". 


Her credentials include the 200-hour Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training as well as Yin Yoga teacher training at Ananda Shala Wellness (now "Luna Yoga") in Frederick, MD.  She’s received her 300-hour yoga training certificate through the YogaLife Institute in Wayne, PA.  She has completed her Aerial Yoga teacher training. She is certified as Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master through Maryland Center for Reiki Training. She is also a certified “LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA” instructor (a 12-week program for cancer survivors), a certified "Barre Connect" instructor by NETA, a certified "Born to Move" instructor by Les Mills, and a certified group exercise instructor.  In total, Cindy has provided over 4,000 hours of YOGA class-setting, in-person teaching.


She continued her yoga learning through non-stop reading, training, workshops, and classes with international yoga teachers, such as Gary Kraftsow, Tao Porchon-Lynch, Dharma Mittra, Shiva Rae and Seane Corn. She completed "Mindfulness Daily at Work" with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.  She took training with Tom Myers,  founder of  Anatomy Trains, to deepen her understanding of "Fascia, Yoga &  the New Anatomy of Movement" and "Enter into Your Heart Space through Devotional chanting" with Krishna Das. She completed Complex PTSD Trauma Training with Dr. Arielle Schwarts. She has attended  "Wellness after Covid- A Yoga and Healthcare Symposium", and has taken a"Move Better, Feel Better" Summit and multiple online summits. She is also fond of the Feldenkrais method, Qi-Gong, and Tai Chi. She believes in continuous education to help her become a better teacher, refine her teaching skills, and equip her with a variety of tools. She is striving towards one-on-one private sessions and serving people with different health issues, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

-- Testimonials -- 
Laura S. :
I recently completed Cindy’s "Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Management" and I can say with certainty that the course changed my life for the better. In the course she was able to provide us with strategies that were easy to use and implement into our daily lives. One of the most beneficial exercises for me that we did in the course was build our self care toolbox. It helped me realize that I have many, many healthy mechanisms to deal with the stress of everyday life. I look forward to continuing to work with Cindy on my journey back to my authentic self, mind body and soul!
Melanie Musselman:

Cindy's "Yoga for Stress and Anxiety" workshop was a highlight of my week. I felt calm, connected, and hopeful after each session. The overview of information was excellent and evidence based. It flowed nicely and easily connected to the simple techniques that she shared for mindfulness and stress reduction. I enjoyed practicing the techniques throughout the week on my own and then reflecting together in our intimate group. The workshop made it extremely easy to reflect on my experiences and achieve personal growth.

Heather A:
Cindy, I just wanted to thank you for bringing Yoga and yourself to us . I appreciate everything you have done for me mentally and physically. I have seen the difference in my body! Yoga with you does bring me back to "center" when life can pull from all directions in just one day.  I truly enjoy the small inspirations you share with us before and after our time together.  Thank you for being mindful of our individual levels but guiding and supporting us to grow and leave stronger then when we came.  💗 - I just appreciate you and what you have done for me mentally.😘 You are so nice and really make me feel like I belong.  I leave your class feeling good and back to center and happy and proud of myself for sticking with it even though I am not very good. So I will take your class anywhere...
Kim Leber:
Cindy is the best! I have been with her for 2 years and I feel like an energized bunny. I am more flexible, more strength and my body is more flowing. I have gained relaxation and less stress with working with Cindy and her method of teaching yoga, the whole self. Body, Mind and Spirit. Thank you Cindy!
Holly L.:
Cindy is amazing. I saw her for pain and nutrition. In a previous weightloss journey I developed pain on the right side of my body (literally from the bottom of my foot to my neck). I could no longer keep my workout routine and began gaining weight back. In turn, I began snacking and not making healthy choices.
Through Cindy's mindfulness, yoga and health strategies I am back in the gym and making healthy choices again. She provided me with a routine (thought process and exercise) to prepare my mind and body for the beginning and the end of my day. With a few tweaks to my meal prep routine I'm eating healthy again. Taking one day at a time and feeling much better. Thank you Cindy! Namaste 🙏🏾
Donna Maguire : 
I have followed Cindy for years because I know that she provides us with movements which strengthen my body and mind. Building my ability to focus, provides me the ability to control anxiety which increase my body pain.
Diane Hertzog:
I've known Cindy as a yoga instructor for two years. I have taken her group classes as well as individual sessions. I highly recommend Cindy for helping you to meet your physical fitness goals and to support your emotional health through yoga. For deep relaxation, schedule a session of yoga nidra with Cindy.
Deb C.:
Cindy Jeng is absolutely the best. if you're looking for yoga that strengthens AND relaxes you, this is it! Find one of her classes now! 💕

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Cindy Jeng // 阿珠珠

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